Client: Awesome Company
Location: Mountain View CA 94043
Gross Building Area: 450.000 m2
Year Completed: 2015/Setember
Value: $250 000
Architect: Jason&Perry

Creating Resilience in Urban Food Security and Livelihoods

The project aims at creating resilience for the urbanizing regions, districts and the rural communities. With the increasing population most especially in the urbanizing areas in Uganda and the developing world at large, the relationships: urban to urban and rural to urban need to be redefined in terms of the food systems. To be food secure, people living in poverty need access to sufficient and nutritious food but also, among other things, economic opportunities in a stable enabling environment. The project aims at redefining the relationship between the rural producers and the urban consumers in relation to enabling urbanizing places to produce food through employing the available resources.


  • Assuming responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures
  • Providing cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting
  • Holding on-going project meetings with client and trades to monitor job progress
  • Scheduling, delivery, receipt and proper storage of all long lead systems and materials.
  • Coordination with municipal authorities, governmental agencies, and utility companies
  • Developing a community relations program