Increasing Access to Critical Information

This will be the second major component of the project that will build on the research findings in theme (A), to inform the:

  1. The Edible Market Information System (EMIS): The EMIS is a Hunger Fighters Uganda innovation of an online market system in which vital information about farmers and their products, food markets, food processors, industrial food sectors, hotels and restaurants and other dealers in food value chain and urban food systems. This will include both online information platform and data; and a computer based system through with information on farmers and other details like agricultural commodity, quantities, and location and farmer contacts. The platform will be linked to offer regular and most recent market information on prices.
  2. The Edible City Magazine (ECM): This will be a monthly periodical that will contain information on urban farming, food systems and successful farmers. It will capture successful stories and information for youth employment through agriculture. It will also publish information on stakeholders making a difference in promoting urban food security and the market dynamics. Farmers will have the opportunity to advertise their products and improve the profitability of the urban farms.
  • Annual Edible City Conference and Exhibition: In partnership with its partners and stakeholders in urban agriculture city and urban authorities, Buyigi Estates Farm together with Hunger Fighters Uganda will organize a conference duped, ‘Edible Cities’, with a component of innovative exhibitions in urban agriculture and in the KMA with emphasis on outstanding and environmental friendly innovations.