1. Who is the ECP Subscriber?
    Is a person or group or a company or an organization that shares a common interest of the ECP and commits to contribute and mobilize resources towards the attainment of the project objectives?
    Who is the Eligible Subscriber to the ECP? Subscription to the edible city project is a voluntary decision of the subscriber. The following can be eligible to subscribe to the ECP;
    a) Farmers (Small scale farmers and Large Scale farmers/Commercial)
    b) Business people dealing agric merchandise (Food Traders, dealers in puts, importers and exporters, Food stores and Granaries)
    c) Associations and Organizations dealing in agriculture – (CBOs, Farmer Groups, Associations).
    d) Hotels and Restaurants.
    e) Education Institutions (Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Tertiary and Colleges)
    f) Industries and food processors
    g) Individuals (Anyone who has interest in the activities of the project).
  2. Requirement and Roles of the Subscriber
    i. Provide correct and accurate information to Hunger Fighters Uganda regarding his agricultural or food related activities to be captured in the information system.
    ii. Pay the recommended annual subscribers fees as defined by the project.
    iii. Following up and participating in project activities.
    iv. Share information with other stakeholders about the project.
  3. Subscribers Benefits
    • Receive project updates concerning agricultural produce
    • Connect with customers and consumers
    • Able to advertise their products through the Edible Market Information System (EMIS)
    • Participate in the annual edible city conference and exhibition
    • Publish products in the edible city publications (Magazines, Charts, Leaflets, and Newsletters)
    • Participate in farm to farm and farm to market learning
    • All Subscribers to be honored with a Certificate of Subscription at the end of the year.
    • All subscribers to appear at least once in the Edible City Magazine in the year.
    • All subscribers have a 30% discount for being documented on full page and 30% on half page in our edible city magazine.
    • All subscribers shall be displayed in the EMIS to be viewed by all viewers of the website.
    • All subscribers have an opportunity to exhibit their products in the annual Edible city exhibition and conference at 30% discount price.
    • All subscribers have the opportunity to attend participate in the annual Edible city conference where possible make presentations.
    • Subscribers have the opportunity to participate in training programmes and study tours either as hosts, trainers, or facilitators.
    • All subscribers have the opportunity to be considered in any edible city awards for outstanding contribution to making cities and towns edible.
    • And other opportunities that may emerge from time to time
  4. Subscription Procedure
    There are three ways through which a farmer or any other agency can become a subscriber to the ECP.
    A. Through contact with a Hunger Fighters Uganda staff working with the project. As part of the implementation processes, the project staff and volunteers will approach farmers and other eligible people and organizations to interest them to partner with HFU for the success of the project.
    B. Subscribers Initiative which will involve an individual farmer or eligible subscriber taking and initiative to contact HFU to subscribe to the project under different edible communities or as an individual support for the projects.
    C. By recommendation through the partners and existing subscribers to the project.

3. All subscribers shall be obliged to comply with the requirements for being a subscriber.

4. Note: The subscriber has the sole responsibility of providing correct and accurate information used in the ECP project. The individual subscriber has total liability for any incorrect information provided to Hunger Fighters Uganda for use under this project. Download the subscriber’s form under events and resources.