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Creating Resilience in
Urban Food Security and Livelihoods
resilience for the urbanizing regions
Economic opportunities in a stable enabling environment
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Changing life Style and Food Culture
Urban Farming and Food Policy
regulation for all activities
carried out in our modernizing cities


About the Project

The project is an innovative approach by Hunger Fighters Uganda conceptualized in 2012. The project commenced with the establishment of the mushroom farming pilot project which had multiple benefits ranging from enhancing household nutrition through sensitization and supply of nutritious mushroom to training and enhancing skills for youth to engage in mushroom farming as an agribusiness activity. The project was able register tremendous results. The project was able reach to about 490 households with an estimated 1900 beneficiaries each household consuming an average about 0.65Kgs of both fresh and dry mushroom.

In an effort to harness the opportunities of this experience, Hunger Fighters Uganda, conceptualized the Edible City Project (ECP).  The ECP adopts a Social Enterprise approach which involves a mix of agri-business with socially bound goals of promoting sustainable food security and livelihoods systems in urban areas. The Project aims at promoting sustainable urban agriculture in Uganda through ensuring strong urban-rural linkages and investing in urban eco-friendly and food security sensitive activities.

It is also aimed at harnessing the opportunities within the urban food systems through linking the farmers to the market centers and potential consumers in private sector, government departments, NGOs among others through ICT Systems, information publication and dissemination and on-farm and off-farm capacity enhancement initiatives. As part of its activities, the ECP focuses on strengthening access to information through an online food market and farmer information portal, Edible Communities Publications, Building the Youth Farmers Platforms/Forums and the Annual Edible City Conference and Exhibition.

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